Render Products

Render Products

K Rend Render Products

  • K Rend Basecoats and Primers Used for Various Applications: GP Mortar Mix, K Rend HP12, K Rend HP14, K Rend Standard UF and K Rend Primer
  • K Rend K1 Silicone Treated and Non-Treated Monocouche Renders
  • K Rend Acrylic Thin Coat Renders
  • K Rend Silicone Thin Coat Renders
  • K Rend Dash and Stone

Various Other K Rend and Plastering Products

  • Mesh
  • External Wall Beads: Stop Beads, Corner beads, Frameseal Beads, Clip-On Beads, Drip Beads etc
  • EWI Fixings in Lengths of 130mm to 300mm

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